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---Resh Art Gallery

The Resh Art Gallery was established in 1989 for beautification of the Narthex of Northwoods. Gladys Resh suggested using money donated to the church in memory of her husband, Colin, be used to purchase art to be displayed on the newly renovated bare walls of the Narthex. Stewart MacColl, then pastor of Northwoods, decided a rotating display of art done by church members would work better and the Resh Gallery was born. The first to display was provided by the Resh family, followed by other art and photos from church members.
The gallery exhibits rotate every 6 weeks with new art coming from local artists as well as the membership. Hangable artworks such as photography, drawings, children’s art, paintings, collage and quilts have been displayed. New artists to the gallery must have art approved to be hung and must be appropriate for displaying in a church.
Come join us at church on Sundays and see the art while you are there or you can visit it during the week during church hours, Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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