REALM is our new web-based software that will be accessible by Northwoods leaders and members….anytime, anywhere, with an app on your smart phone or by logging in using a web-based browser.

Why is Realm important to you as a church member?


Directory – The most important component is your “profile” which will contain a record of your name, address, phone numbers, email address and members of your family.  It will become the church phone directory and picture directory. You can keep your profile up to date, so no more confusion about how to contact you.


Privacy – Have privacy concerns? You can control who can see your contact and personal information.


Giving – Want to know your current pledge and giving history? This information, including historical records, will be available to you on REALM through its password-based security. You can even set up recurring, scheduled on-line giving. How convenient to have your contributions automatically withdrawn and credited to Northwoods!


Events, Classes, Groups – You will be able to join groups, register and pay for events, and participate in discussions. Class leaders can easily communicate with groups, share materials, and start discussions.

Connecting – REALM lets group leaders track attendance easily. The pastors look forward to getting heads up alerts to help us keep in contact.
~Your Realm Team, led by Norma Laughlin.

If you have not received your Realm invitation, please send an email to